Computer aided design(CAD)

Industrial Training in Cad Mechanical is a modular 6 months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in Cad Mechanical comprises:

Module 01: Cad Mechanical Autocad 2D
Autocad Interface
Components of a computing cloud
Basic Drawing Commands(line, construction line,ray,smoothpoly line,circle,rectangle,arc,ellipse,revision cloud,polygon,donut,point)
Drafting Setting
Basic Editing Commands(erase,move,copy,trim,extend,mirror,offset,rotate,fillet,chamfer,scaler,stretch,break,join array)
Cinquiry Tools(layer,distance, ID,area)
Layer and Object Properties
Create and Editing Text(single line text, multiline text)
Working With Dimensions
Hatching(assosiative hatching,non assosiative hatching)
Working With Blocks(make block,write block)
Plot a Drawing
Dimensioning Concept
Polyline edit
Revision Cloud
Module 02: Cad Mechanical Autocad 3D
Introduction to 3d Modeling
Types of 3d Model
Shaded and Hidden Views
Creating Solid Primitives
Creating Models From 2D Profiles
Creating Models Using Sweep
Creating Models Using Loft
Creating Composite Solid
Working With UCS
Editing 3d Models
Creative Surface Primitives
Module 03: Cad Mechanical CATIA V5
Catia user interface
Creating and editing interface
Creating sketch based features
Creating transformation features
Creating advanced replication tools
Editing parts in assembly
Drawing metal view
Finalizing drawing and printing
Module 04: Cad Mechanical PRO/ENGINEER
Understanding Pro/ENGINEER Concepts
Using the Pro/ENGINEER Interface
Creating Sketcher Geometry
Using Sketcher tools
Creating Sketches for features
Advanced Sketching
Creating Extrudes , Revoles , and Ribs
Selecting and Editing
Creating datum features : Planes and Axis
Creating Sweeps and Blends
Advanced Blends
Creating holes and shells
Advanced hole creation
Advanced shells
Creating Round and chamferes
Advance round and chameres
Variable Section Sweeps
Helical Sweeps
Swept Blends
Creating Patterns
Group , Copy , and Mirror Tools
Measuring and Inspectng Models
Relations and Parameters
Family Tables
Reusing Features
Exploding Assemblies
Surface Features
Invastigating parent /child Relationships
Creating Drawing Views
Converting solid parts , additional features interrotating the sheet metal model
Unbending sheetmetal geometry
Real Time Rendering
6 Months Based Projects List in Cad Mechanical Technologies
Drafting & Modeling Radial Engine
Drafting & Modeling Shock Absorber
Drafting & ModelingPulley Supported
Drafting & Modeling Double Bearing
Drafting & Modeling Quick Acting Hold Down
Drafting & Modeling Shaper Tool Head
Drafting & Modeling Plummer Block
Drafting & Modeling Pipe Bench Vice
Drafting & Modeling Cross Head
Drafting & Modeling Bench Vice
Drafting & Modeling Press Tool
Drafting & Modeling Fixture Assembly
Drafting & Modeling Knuckle Joint
Drafting & Modeling Cotter Joint
Drafting & Modeling Universal Joint
Drafting & Modeling Oldham’s Coupling
Drafting & Modeling Centrifugal Clutch
Drafting & Modeling Spring Damper