Director Message

The World we are living is currently witness what is called Knowledge era, where Information Technology Have become Necessities of life & the basis of the progress of nations & People. Substantial advances in computers has made tremendous changes in the whole world making the world a small village where one can have access to knowledge in less than a second with a, push of a button it has made it easy to perform many complex operations in just few seconds. There is no aspect of modern life without computer intervention and being fundamental pivot in it. The use of computes has become one the most important requirements of different disciplines and in employment. States and Governments’ rely computers and communications computer is one of the most important pillars of the reason for its development without it states becomes undeveloped and stands at the back of the modern world. As the director of the Education Soul Welfare Society, I feel privileged to be leading a school with a history of preparing the best minds to compete locally, nationally, and globally. The institute’s unique curriculum provides technology-based programs to match each student’s ambitions and abilities. Our mission is to train leaders to make significant contributions in the field of computer science. Whether you seek a bachelor’s or master’s degree, our programs are well equipped to prepare you for the 21st century. As Director, my goal is to continue our commitment to innovation research, and entrepreneurship that will have a direct impact not only in our state, but also around the world. I welcome you to explore our website, talk to our committed faculty, and visit our institute, you’ll see why Education Soul the right choice.