Computer Courses for Government Jobs

Computer courses for government jobs are the most frequently requested specialty area in the central or state level computer courses. Candidates wishing to secure top government jobs must be proficient with basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and other word processing tools; Internet Explorer; Macros; and other protocols such as IRC, HTTP, or TCP/IP. Computer courses for government jobs require an understanding of all office communications software. Computer courses for government jobs require a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) or related degree.

Most government jobs these days require not only basic computer skills but also marketing and business acumen. Candidates must be able to communicate on the telephone, use Microsoft Office programs, and write in a professional-type style. Some of the typical computer questions asked by government jobs include; “What would be your first step in revamping your company website?” and “If you were a customer would you order from you again or would you pass?” The computer skills a candidate needs to ace computer questions in government jobs are extensive.

Candidates seeking employment in the government are required by law to have passed all mandatory computer skills courses. Candidates who do not meet this requirement can still acquire basic computer knowledge and obtain a high school diploma. One of the popular computer courses for government jobs is the Trend Micro Training Kit. This course provides a complete learning package that includes study manuals, diagnostic exams, test papers, practice tests, CD-ROMs, and study guides. All of the course material is designed around the latest trends in the information technology field. Trend Micro training courses are very comprehensive and cover the entire Microsoft Windows environment from basic to advance levels.

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