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The word ‘NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION’ (NGO) has been derived from the Latin word ‘non-government’. It means a non-governmental organization which works independently with no government support.

What is NGO

An Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is a non-profit organization that works for the benefit of society, often on issues such as education or health but also on social justice and human rights. NGOs are not part of government; they do not receive funding from governments. They may be funded by donations from individuals, foundations, businesses, or other organizations.

Educational NGO in Amritsar

Our main goal is to provide free education to all the children who need it. Children with Special Needs are given equal opportunities to learn and live life with dignity.

We believe that every child has a right to get an education no matter what their background is. We help them achieve this through our various programs like:

• Free Schooling Program

• Early Childhood Development Programs

• English Learning Center

• Pre Primary Care Centers

• Daycare Centres

Education Soul welfare society

Education soul welfare society  NGO is one of the best educational NGO in India which provides quality education to children with special needs. We have our branches at different places like Amritsar, Rajasansi and Gurdaspur. Our school is located in Amritsar city. It was established in 2010. The school is managed by our NGO. We have more than 1000 students studying here. We have trained teachers who teach the students with special needs. We give them equal opportunity to study and live life with dignity and respect.

How Education soul welfare society working for education

1. We give free education to the poor and needy children.

2. We have a separate building for the children with special needs.

3. We have provided scholarships to the deserving students.

4. We have helped many people in the community.

5. We have participated in several activities related to education.

6. We have been recognized by the international bodies.

7. We have been selected for the World Summit Award.

8. We have been awarded for

9. We have won awards for excellence in teaching and learning.

10. We have received appreciation letters from the parents of the students.

11. We have been felicitated by the local authorities.

12. We have been invited to conduct workshops for the students.

13. We have conducted camps for the students.

14. We have organized seminars for the students.

15. We have conducted training courses for the teachers.

16. We have conducted workshops for the parents.

17. We have conducted talks for the parents.

18. We have conducted awareness campaigns for the parents.

19. We have organized blood donation camps for the students.

How Education soul welfare society inspiring youth

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Amritsar 143001, Punjab, India,

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